Innovation is the lifeblood of
our company

We are committed to building a brighter future for patients. Using new
discoveries and insights in hematology, we are advancing the frontiers
of biology to create life-changing medicines.

A Focus on Hematology

Disc was founded with a single-minded focus on hematology. Blood is fundamental and runs through every aspect of life. But when blood is affected by disease, it can create suffering that is just as far reaching. From rare genetic disorders to blood cancers to complications of chronic diseases that affect millions, we saw areas of medicine with few options for patients, and to where we are dedicating ourselves to design and develop new therapies for these disorders.

Medicines that Matter

Our vision is to build a company that is geared toward bringing therapies that will matter to patients. In every aspect of our work, from the technology we pursue, to the talented team we have assembled, and to the partners we work with, our priority is taking promising new science and transforming it into something useful – medicines that we hope will heal, cure, and alleviate suffering.